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Have you been looking for the opportunity to do an LDS mayan ruins tour; we have for you many types of tours to different Mayan ruins where you can learn more about the culture and compare them with the gospel and at the same time combine them with various outdoor activities.

This time we will talk a little about a vestige that is in Chichen Itza, when crossing the large ball field at the end there is a small pyramid that has been called many ways, but we will focus on a particular name “the temple of the bearded man.”

This temple is one of the best preserved, and you can see very clearly some images carved in the stones as they are signs, images of Kukulcán among others, but the one that stands out is the image of a bearded man (which could well be the great white god). The image of the bearded man is believed to refer to the fact that this culture awaited the arrival of a celestial being who would come from the north and help them in their progress.

In a speech mentioned by Elder Mark E. Petersen in October 1970, he says some exciting things about the Maya and the great white god:

* He came to them suddenly and left in the same way, supernaturally.

* He promised to return at a second coming.

Such is the integrity of the information we now have, concerning the (great white god) that Paul Herrmann thought fit to say in his book “The Conquest of Man.”

“Carefully considered, this leaves no other conclusion that the God of light Quetzalcoatl, was a real person, who was not a Spanish invention, nor a legendary fiction of the indigenous imagination. (Page 72) Take into account that this comes from the very advanced first Americans who knew astronomy, mathematics, irrigation, and architecture, and it is not the dream of an ignorant or superstitious people. This is the story of one of the highest known civilizations of antiquity. “


This image of the bearded man in Chichen Itza could well be a representation of the Great White God, although we do not affirm that it is so. Do not miss the opportunity to do an LDS Mayan ruins tours and learn more about this topic on your Chichen Itza tour.

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