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As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have a strong knowledge of a very particular place that is mentioned in the Book of Mormon and the history of the church; We are talking about the Hill Cumorah.

This time in Alma’s LDS tours we will teach you a brief explanation, and we will try to clarify the confusion that we sometimes have regarding this place since it is believed that there is only one hill Cumorah.

The Jaredites leaving Babel (a little less than 2000 years BC) heading to the promised land (America) begin their history in these lands with significant spiritual and material progress; In the book of Mormon, he tells us about the great battle that ended these people that was influenced by their iniquity.

In Ether 15:11 mention is made of the Hill Rama, where the army of Coriantumr planted their tents in preparation for the great battle; in that same verse it is mentioned that it is the same hill where Mormon hid the annals that were sacred, that later his son Moroni would find to continue with the history of the Nephite people.

Now in Mormon 6:6 the same Mormon mentions that the Lord commanded that the sacred annals should not be lost and that they should be prevented from reaching the hands of the Lamanites and he says “I hid in the hill Cumorah all the records that had been given to me confident “(385 AD approx.). In this hill was where the battle occurred where the Nephites were destroyed.

In conclusion, Hill Rama and Hill Cumorah is the same place where there were battles that ended two peoples mentioned in the book of Mormon (Jaredites and Nephites) in different years.

We know that Joseph Smith had a vision in which Moroni (as a resurrected being) shows him the place where the sacred annals containing the history of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas and their relationship with God are hidden. This place is known as Hill Cumorah, but it is not the same hill where the battles mentioned above originated.

The Book of Moroni, The Book Of Mormon, from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

In Moroni 1:13 it is mentioned that the Lamanites were still at war among themselves and looking for the few remaining Nephites, Moroni was one of them and he says “so I am wondering where I can, to protect my lifetime.” With these verses he leaves us to understand that Moroni traveled miles in order not to be found by the Lamanites and preserve the sacred annals, we suppose that Moroni may have reached the lands that are now known as Palmyra NY and hid the golden plates in this place that takes by name hill Cumorah in commemoration to the hill where the most critical battles of the Book of Mormon took place.

We hope that this information that Alma’s LDS Tours shares with you can help you understand more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

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