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Today Alma’s LDS Tours brings this incredible information about a place surrounded by a magical environment, located among a series of hills in the town of Santa Elena (Yucatan), Uxmal is the perfect place to enter the remains of an enigmatic Mayan city and breathe the mysticism that emanates in every corner of this impressive archaeological zone.

Uxmal has magnificent architecture and is one of the richest and most varied where you can admire decorative elements such as the masks of the god Chaac, columns, animals, characters and geometric shapes.


These impressive Mayan ruins have more than ten structures, each one with very peculiar names, but there is one that stands out and is “The Pyramid of the Adivino” is the most impressive structure, with a unique elliptical shape and a height of more of 35 meters.

Legend has it that this structure was built in a single night by a dwarf, born of an egg found by a witch near this city. The child was taken with the ability to guess the future, so he was called the fortune-teller. And a few years later he governed Uxmal. 

Remember that Uxmal is considered the most beautiful building in Mesoamerica for its style and imposing buildings so do not hesitate to include your visit in your holidays and Alma’s LDS Tours takes you to know this ancient Mayan city.


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