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We are very sure that chocolate is one of the most tempting and delicious sweets that can exist, we could say that it is a food of the gods to which we can not resist. But, do you know where the chocolate comes from?And what is connected to the Mayans? 

The cacao tree whose scientific name is Theobroma Cacao which means food of the gods is a tree that gives several harvests a year and that reaches a height of 6 meters. It has shiny leaves, and small pink flowers on its trunk and branches, some of these flowers form seeds covered by a pod where the cocoa seeds are very similar to almonds having a bitter taste; By crushing these seeds, they create a powder that gives rise to the famous chocolate we know. 

No specific record shows what the origin of chocolate is, but many believe that the Toltec culture was the first to obtain it and that they used it as coins. 

There is a legend that tells that Quetzalcoatl stole the cacao tree from paradise where the gods lived, planted the seeds on earth and what he wanted to achieve was that his people were well fed and that way they could dedicate themselves entirely to being best studious men, sages, architects, etc. 

 The first culture in knowing the diverse uses and preparation of the cacao was the Mayans, since after harvesting it, they knew how to ferment it and roast it later to turn it into a paste to which they added water, chile, corn, elaborating a delicious and spiced beverage that they were the food of the gods. 


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