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Tulum, for many, is a little piece of heaven on earth, for others a place worth exploring, at Alma Tours Tulum we will show you a bit of its history and what you can do with us to enjoy this magical town.

Tulum was an important Mayan city, a place that was dedicated to navigation, trade, and worship and now stands as an old fortress.

The ruins of this Mayan city are a beauty incomparable for its location on a cliff on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, the main building is a large stone structure called “the castle”, which stands on the top of the rocky cliff, with a View to the white sand beach and the turquoise sea.

Alma Tours Tulum has for you incredible adventures where you can learn more about this great Mayan city for example:

Visit the ruins of Tulum and take a horseback tour. This is an exciting combination of sea and land. Enjoy a fantastic visit to the ruins with our expert tour guides, followed by a pleasant horseback ride in the jungle or on the beach! You are a person of adventures; this can be for you.

Combine your visit to the ruins of Tulum with an incredible experience with a Polaris expedition through the jungle, with the help of Selvatica park in the depths of the rainforest you will enjoy an astonishing circuit of zip lines and an ATV excursion on muddy trails and paths of dirt.


This is just an idea of the tours that Alma Tours Tulum suggests. We want your visit to the Riviera Maya to be unforgettable, check our page for more information. Adventure with us!

Alma’s LDS Tours offers a great variety of tours where you can keep learning more about the history of this and more Mayan culture.
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