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Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial

According to the official site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there are several sites that played an important role in the history and development of the Church.

As is known, from the time of Joseph Smith, the migration of pioneers across America was a full day that although he had many tests it turned out full of blessings for the courage of the faithful members.

The following will list some of the most important historical sites located in the United States:

  • John Johnson Home (Hiram, Ohio). It is known that the Johnson family gave shelter to the family of Joseph Smith during the years 1831 to 1832. Here Joseph Smith received important revelations and courageously faced opposition and trials. You can find more information at the visitor center of Kirtland.
  • Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial (S. Royalton, Vermont). It has dedicated this place to honor the first president and prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This beautiful granite monument has the height of 38 feet and a half, a curiosity since each foot represents a year of age of the prophet.
  • Chapel Mural Cody (Cody, Wyoming). Inside the chapel you can admire a beautiful dome 36 feet in diameter that is decorated with selected scenes from the first 70 years of church history.
  • Far West (Far West Missouri). In July 1838 he tried to start construction of a temple on this site and although it was not possible to do, we can find the foundations that serve as a reminder of the strong testimony, faith and devotion of church members.
  • Kanesville Tabernacle (Council Bluffs, Iowa). It was built by about 200 pioneers in just two weeks. In this tent, Brigham Young was sustained as prophet and president of the Church after the death of Joseph Smith. Today this building serves as a visitor center where tours are given and information about the migration of pioneers is provided.
  • Liberty Jail Historic Site (Liberty, Missouri). The Prophet Joseph Smith spent five months waiting for his trial. During his imprisonment he received three important disclosures that can be found in the Doctrine and Covenants.
  • Mormon Handcart Historic Site (Alcova, Wyoming). More than 150 years ago the first pioneers traveled many places before settling in the Salt Lake Valley, Utah. They endured bad weather and all kinds of adversity. At this historic site you can relive these experiences with a handcart trek.
  • Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters (Omaha, Nebraska). As part of the Mormon migration, Nebraska was temporary home to dozens of families of pioneers who migrated after the expulsion of Nauvoo, Illinois.
  • Nauvoo Carthage Jail (Nauvoo, Illinois). Surrounded by beautiful gardens and restored Carthage Jail where Joseph and Hyrum Smith were martyred. In the gardens statues are actual size of these characters as a tribute to them.
  • Book of Mormon Publication Site (Palmyra, New York). Located in the business side of Palmyra, this site offers a look at what was the press which was held the first printing of the Book of Mormon.
  • Priesthood Restoration Site (Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. Place where Joseph and Emma Smith lived during the years 1827-1837. In addition was a key location for major events during the restoration of the Church.


Mormon Pioneer Monument ar Winter Quarters, Nebraska

These are some of the places that have survived over the years and have stood out for their rich history.

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