When will you be able to travel to Cancun? The New Normality post COVID-19 outbreak.

The New Normality post COVID-19 outbreak

When will you be able to travel to Cancun? When will Cancun Re-open after the COVID-19 outbreak? If you are one of the millions of people that couldn’t visit Cancun this Spring Break and are probably wondering when could be a good time to reschedule? Then you probably want to read this article.

Without a doubt, the novel Coronavirus arrived to ruin a lot of things for many people, especially in the Tourism industry. The pandemic emergency resulted in the cancellation of 8 million airplane seats and the loss of almost 80,000 jobs, which forces to reopen things as soon as possible to support families from Quintana Roo.

On May 17, Governor of state of Quintana Roo Carlos Joaquin announced that since the beginning of the outbreak, Cancun had received 1,257 positive cases of COVID-19 with currently less than 300 active cases in the state. He shared the state plans for reopening the destination by the end of June, and a gradual return of productive economic activities beginning on June 1, assuring that health protocols in the tourism industry will be the basis of the “New Normality”.

Governor Carlos Joaquín also expressed that this return will be based on new sanitary measures that must be carried out with special protocols for air, sea, land, hotels, theme parks, and tours with the sole purpose to save lives.

“Health protocols will be essential for the travel and arrival of tourists to our destinations. The tourist reactivation requires the constant and permanent application of rapid tests of COVID-19 to detect infected people, react promptly, and close the gap of the uncertainty of new infections,” explained Carlos Joaquín.

The head of the Executive also explained that many hotels have already started creating schemes based on the new action protocols and that ports and airports are also working on new protocols to implement at the ports of entry.

“We require restarting activities with all security measures in place. A specialized group has been created, headed by the Secretary of Tourism, by the Secretary of Labor, by the governments of Quintana Roo and Baja California Sur to initiate these processes,” explained Carlos Joaquín. He announced that in the coming days, this group will review the protocols, procedures, and ways to start some activities in the tourism sector, within the colors of the traffic light of the New Normal Plan. Read more.

To summarize this all up. When will Cancun re-open? The Governor of the State has mentioned his commitment to re-open Cancun to its fullness under the “new normality” of new health protocols and schemes, by the end of June. Large enterprise owner Miguel Quintana (Owner of Xcaret Park, Hotel, and 7 other theme parks in the state) has worked very closely with the government to ensure a safe re-opening of their parks and hotels by mid-June. The Cancun airport and the Cozumel International Airport have announced that they will renew operations as of June 1st for essential travel.

In conclusion

So at this moment, our most educated answer would be to expect Cancun to be back to normal by the middle or end of July. We will keep you updated on this topic as time develops and new information arises from our authorities.

Our staff in Alma’s LDS Tours hopes to see you as soon as this COVID-19 pandemic is over.


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