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A detail from Jesus Christ Visits the Americas, by John Scott

LDS Tours Cancun

  • Who are the Mayans?
  • Who are they compared to in the Book of Mormon?
  • Where did the Mayan culture originate from?
  • What were the Mayan beliefs?
  • Who was the white-bearded man talked about in their beliefs?
  • What records do we have that teach us of the Mayan beliefs and how are they similar to our beliefs?
  • How many changes did the Mayan culture suffer through the centuries?
  • Why did they do human sacrifices?
  • What was the true meaning of the different rituals, such as the ball game?
  • What does the Mayan calendar really prophesy?
  • What is the symbolism behind the ancient temples’ architectural style?

We will help any person of any age understand the powerful and uplifting history of Mexico with inspiring insights about the Book of Mormon.

Christ in America

Christ in the Land Bountiful, by Simon Dewey

In “the Bible,” in John 10:16 Jesus told His Apostles: “Other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one fold and one shepherd.”

When the Lord visited these “other sheep”–the inhabitants of ancient America His appearance had a powerful, long-lasting impact on the people.

During His visit, Jesus Christ:

  • Invited them to feel the wound marks in His hands, feet, and side
  • Taught them His gospel
  • Called twelve disciples to teach His gospel
  • Healed the sick
  • Prayed for the people
  • Performed miracles

We learned about Christ’s visit to ancient America in “the Book of Mormon” in 3rd Nephi Chapter 11-28. Although many believe this story is unique to the Book of Mormon, many parallelisms discovered through tales, legends, and myths recorded by the ancient inhabitants of the continent display possible evidence of Christ’s visit.

Ancient documents such as the Popul Vuh or the Chilam Balam, two surviving Mayan records, both testify of the coming of a White-Bearded God known as Kukulkan. His story had such a great impact not only on those who were blessed with his visit but also for the upcoming generations until it all ended with the Spanish invasion. For over 2000 years, he became the center of their religion; He was venerated for bringing miracles, unifying rival empires, healing the sick, teaching sciences, and bringing peace.

Discover the Mayan Lands

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