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Mesoamerican people have a very interesting story about the view of the universe. On this occasion Alma’s LDS Tours would like to provide  some details about one of the most important rituals of ancient America, The New Fire ceremony.

The New Fire Ceremony was a ritual performed by most of the peoples who inhabited Mesoamerica. It was held once a year, however every 4, 13 and 52, within the celebration special rituals took place and temples were reconstructed to signal  renewal.

This ceremony had an astronomical sense. For the Mayans, known worldwide by conducting detailed observations of the stars, the offerings to the gods ensured the yearly tie and the beginning of the calendar to avoid the cataclysm of the universe. It ensured the harmony of the celestial mechanism.

At the end of the last day of the century when the sun was setting it was thought to dissappear forever.  At that moment heaven was carefully observed, when the Pleiades touched the highest point the life of a warrior was offered to the gods, along with other offerings, while the New Fire was lit and the sun was reborn, thus began a new cycle.


Today, some Mayan comunities preserve this tradition to celbrate the New Fire Ceremony, although there are no human life sacrifices involved.   Alma’s LDS Tours invites you to visit the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen or Cancun. Travel to ancient Mexico with us, have fun and learn about the Book of Mormon lands. Ask about our packages!

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