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Palmyra New York Temple


Palmyra, Wayne County, New York, is a small town, very important for the history of our church. Events occurred in its territory as important as the first calling of Joseph Smith to become a prophet of God delivering the gold plates that support the Book of Mormon, and the publication of it in the building of Egbert Bratt Grandin. Alma’s LDS Tours invites you to know some of the facts of these historic sites.

Hill Cumorah Visitor Center

Located very close to the childhood home of Joseph Smith, in the foothills was held the final battle between the people of the Lamanites and Nephites, this is also the site where Joseph Smith found the antique prints on gold plates under the Angel Moroni guide. In the month of July is possible to observe a representation that accounts for the peoples who inhabited America.

Martin Harris Farm

Martin Harris was one of the great supporters and helped Joseph Smith to protect the gold plates and perform the translations to English language. Smith also supported financially the printing of the Book of Mormon.

Peter Whitmer House

The place where the church was organized, where Joseph Smith received many revelations registered in the Doctrine and Covenants

Egbert Bratt Grandin Building

First location where the Book of Mormon was printed with a circulation and publication of 5,000 copies.

Smith Family Farm

The home where Joseph Smith grew up, this place also has an information center.

Sacred Grove

Place where Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. A peaceful place to meditate.

Palmyra New York Temple

Built on a plot 5.4 acres, near to the property of the Smith family. The temple has a black marble base, has two ordinance rooms, two double sealing rooms and a baptismal font.

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