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Billings Montana Temple

Alma’s LDS Tours invites you to discover the history of our church in Montana. The first pioneers visited the region in 1855, thereafter began working loading and transporting minerals to Salt Lake City.

In 1862 gold was discovered in Montana, so many explorers traveled to the region for the demand for food and supplies and that gives to the church members the opportunity to negotiate freights frequently.

Then the influx of people caused the installation of Western Union telegraph line between Salt Lake City, Virginia City, Montana and Utah, also the church participate with the construction of the railway line from northern Utah and southeastern Idaho Western Montana.

During the decade of 1895 a Mission in Montana was established, by the end of 1920, the Church had been accelerating. In June 28th, 1953, the first stake in Montana was created, in 1990; the number of members was about 34,401.

On November 20th, 1999 the Temple Billings Montana was dedicated, has 3140 square feet building. The exterior walls of the temple are made with reinforced concrete, covered with dolomite and sandstone finish with carbide, with a distinctive architectural design of a single pinnacle, on which is carved the statue of the angel Moroni. Church members attending to the temple from north Wyoming stakes and Montana statewide

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