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Kansas City Missouri Temple

History of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints in the state of Kansas starts in the early 1831 thanks to several attempts of missionary effort to the Shawnee and Delaware Indians. Wonderful fruits have sprouted years after and great events have taken place in the state of Kansas.

In the year of 1842, members of the church led by presiding Brigham Young, decided to join the United States military service to fight in the Mexican war.  Recognized by U.S history as the only religious unit to fight in the Mexican war served from July 1846 to1847 with a number between 534 and 559 volunteer men who despite of their courage and bravery, had their training and were equipped in Leavenworth Kansas to meet with the skills and requirements of the us military.

In 1855 due to the beginning of immigration, which took place from Europe and England in to the United States composed of thousands of faithful saints, Atchison Kansas became a layover site. For this purpose saints established a camp called Mormon grove with and extension of more than 100 acres for future immigrants. This temporal village fulfilled it´s purpose only for that summer. Today it is considered a historical landmark tittled Mormon grove “the city that disappeared”.

The first branch was established in 1882, when missionaries arrived in Kansas to create the meridian branch which was located in the border between Dickinson and Salina counties. Short time after, missionaries were forced to leave the area but work of God continued.

Today there are a total of 35,627 members with 76 congregations including stakes, wards and branches, and also 72 family history centers. All thanks to the wonderful and inspired missionary work applied in Kansas.

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