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Birmingham Alabama Temple

As happened in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi, John Brown was a key character to the settlement of the Saints in Alabama. In early 1844, Brown gathered with a several number of people that were ready to make fun of him, but instead of that, the crowd were silenced and decided to join to the cause and hear to the preacher.

Three months later, the population that Brown reached, were approaching to 120 members in three different congregations. The converts were often baptized in Alabama River, although many members immigrated to west to avoid persecution. The members reached to be 2,500 by the year of 1930

It was until the year of 1998, and thanks to the loyalty of the members, when the plans of construct a temple were announced and in the 2000  was dedicated by the President Gordon B. Hinckley. This marvelous temple serves to members in Alabama and members from Florida.

Now a days, Alabama has 35,708 members, gathered in 78 congregations, in one mission and also has 36 history family centers.


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