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LDS Tours Cancun by Alma, is your best choice if you are looking to learn about the history of the mesoamerican cultures and the Mayan ruins near Cancun. Our crew of licensed and experienced tour guides with a vast knowledge of mesoamerican history and supported by strong research of The Book of Mormon of LDS scholars, allows us to help you immerse in the scriptures and bring its stories to life. You will be surprised by all the information and connections we share with you and how it will strengthen your testimony.

What to See at Tulum Ruins Site?

Tulum (meaning: wall) is the ancient walled city perched at the edge of the Caribbean Ocean cliff in Quintana Roo, Mexico, and conveniently located along the most famous Mayan Riviera tourist route. Tulum was named ‘Zama,’ meaning the ‘place of dawning sun’ obviously due to the location. For nearly five centuries, this city remained the hub of merchandise and religion, remnants of which make it the coolest place in the Mayan region for visitors.  

Tulum ruins are the leftovers of the walled city with defensive towers in the erstwhile Zama ruins. The spectaculars of the ruins have become more attractive as Tulum had both land and sea routes converging at it. Continue reading to know the highlights of the most visited ruins of this Mayan Riviera site.   

Tulum’s Walls

The steep cliffs naturally defended one side of the city; however, a 5-meter thick and over 784 meters long stone wall was constructed all around the remaining town. The strength of the wall and the effort put in indicate the importance of Tulum.

El Castillo

Constructed close to the edge of the site, the 7.5-meters tall El Castello, a temple over a Pyramid, is the most visited structure of these ruins. The columns around the site were decorated with embossed serpents and a combination of bright colors.  

Temple of the Frescoes

This double-story structure was initially an observatory and later treated as a temple. From here, the sun was observed setting and rising. The lower gallery features murals depicting death and the upper one depicting the world of the living. 

Temple of the Descending God

A prominent white pyramid with the figure of a diving God over the entrance is the reason for its name. The figure is a winged body with a headdress, holding some tools. The Descending God is often mixed with the Mayan God of Bees.   

House of the Columns

The House of the Columns is a four-roomed complex structure supported by a series of strong columns holding up the roof.

House of the Halach Uinic

The rulers of each Mayan city were known as Halach Uinic and were considered the highest-ranking priest. A set of rooms served as the office and residential place for these individuals. The House of Halach Uinic in Tulum is amongst the best-preserved houses on Mayan Riviera. It is a stone structure constructed on a raised platform with ruins of 4-5 rooms accessed through a staircase in front. 

Popular Cenotes in Tulum

The underground water reservoirs in the Tulum region are also a unique landmark to visit. After a daylong strolling through different archeological sites, a dive in any of the cenotes nearby to cool off is necessary. Some of the most liked cenotes are named here. 

  • Gran Cenote
  • Caracol Cenote
  • Cenote Escondido
  • Cenote Dos Ojos

Visit The Mayan Lands that relate to The Book of Mormon with Alma’s LDS Tours in Mexico and feel a strong spirit of ancestry in the ruins and closeness to the Gospel through excellent professional research and study, guiding you to the most relevant archaeological sites in The Peninsula of Yucatan Mexico.

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