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Things to Know About Coba

Coba is one of the most attractive and exciting Mayan sites. It is the only site where you can see the history of the pyramids by climbing up the top. This Mayan civilization once ruled the area between 600 and 900 AD with a population of over 50,000. The forest hides many facts about the Coba Ruins, but the artifacts found here speak a lot about the living style of the Mayans. Cancun LDS Tours by Alma will help you plan your next trip. To know about the major ruins, continue to read more.  

The first group of ruins you will find is the Coba Group, a series of structures that include a church and two ball courts, the most interesting and attractive ruins that once hosted the traditional Mesopotamian ball game for the Mayans. Click here if you are interested in learning more about the Mayan Ball Game. 

The Nohoch Mul Temple

This pyramid-shaped centerpiece of Coba ruins stands 32 meters above ground level and is the tallest of the Mayan Pyramids. Stories tell that the monumental structure was built in memory of the queen who married a priest of Tikal. You can climb the 120 stone steps using the fixed assistance bar, but the climb is not for the faint-hearted. 

The Painting Complex

It is a group of ceremonial buildings, a collection of five structures and 13 altars. Temple of the Frescoes and Xaibe is most impressive, and the latter is an unusual one as it is made up of circular portions that meet at the top.


This complex is considered a religious site composed of eight stelae and several altars with no signs of residential settlements nearby. 


Communication infrastructure speaks of the development of a civilization, and Mayans were far ahead in this aspect. Sacbeob is the ruins of 10 to 30 feet wide raised road structures in Coba depicting the urban lifestyle in the town. Over 50 roads have been discovered in Coba, and the longest Sacbeob reaches 100 kilometers.  


Stelae are tall stone structures that mostly define Coban history, traditions, and lifestyle through engraved drawings and symbols. These depict glyphs, different past events, and mythologies of Mayan civilization.

Cenotes in Coba

No trip to Coba is complete without diving into one of the tree nearby cenotes. These underground sinkholes are reservoirs of freshwater seen all around the Yucatan Peninsula. Some other famous cenotes and archeological sites in Cancun are mentioned below, and Cancun LDS Tours by Alma can plan your unforgettable tour.

  • Cenote Choo-Ha is the most loved shallow water reservoir with blue water, a closed area, and stalagmites hanging from the rock ceiling. The only difficulty is the rugged and secluded terrain leading to the serene water point.
  •  Cenote Tankach-Ha is a more fun sinkhole where you can even enjoy the cliff jump from 15 and 30 feet platforms. You can swim and enjoy snorkeling in this perfectly round cavern.
  • Cenote Multum-Ha is a little deep into the forest, where you can cool off after a hard day of exploration. Being an underground cenote, you will be guided through a small opening using the spiral wooden staircase to enter the pool.

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