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Members of the Church of Latter-day Saints moved to the state of Texas since 1844. Since then our church has grown to be widely recognized for its high moral standards practices and healthy living, including programs to strengthen and support the family. So far four temples were built throughout the state. Alma’s LDS Tours invites you to meet them all. The first Temple was dedicated in Dallas in 1984, built on six acres in a quiet place, twelve miles north of downtown Dallas. In 1987, the Temple was remodeled for additional space. Temple of Houston, Texas. It was dedicated in 2000. This house of worship attended by more than 44,000 members of the Church the Temple has 33.970 square feet, two ordinance rooms and three sealing rooms. Temple of Lubbock, Texas. It has carved majestic gray granite brought from China. It has a classic-modern design. It serves 20,000 members of the Church living in the state. The temple covers the most important areas of west Texas and eastern New Mexico, an area inhabited by more than 13,500 members finally; Alma’s LDS Tours will refer to the Temple of San Antonio, Texas. The complex comprises a total of 1560 square feet, two ordinance rooms and two sealing rooms, opened in 2005. The interior is decorated with cherry wood, stained glass, paintings of the life of Jesus in a mural. Estimated about 45 to 250 members come to to this Temple.

Alma’s LDS Tours invites you to continuing learning from our church in Cancun Mexico by the hands of experts with a balance with nature around of Yucatan peninsula. Come and visit the Mayan Riviera too and get to know the archaeological sites like Ek Balam, Uxmal, Coba, Chichen Itza and Tulum. We have specialized tours for each of our customers, we will be happy to assist you at any time.

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