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The Mayan culture holds many mysteries, some say in summary that in his legacy included the Maya doomsday prediction, but others suggest the possibility of a spiritual rebirth of mankind. It’s really difficult to reliably define the messages they wanted to convey our people’s ancestors. However, outside the perspective of our church and in accordance to the controversy caused by the close date of December 21, 2012, Alma’s LDS Tours has decided to introduce today seven of the most famous Mayan prophecies in the world.

1. – The first prophecy has been interpreted as heralding the end of fear, it is referred to the conclusion of a cycle on 22nd of December 2012, who have interpreted Mayan inscriptions that day indicate that humanity must choose between disappearing as a species that threatens to destroy the planet or evolve towards the harmonious integration with the whole universe.

2. – The second prophecy announcing a change in the behavior of all humanity from August 11thy, 1999. Note that this date could be seen, from the East American to Central Asia, this was the last total solar eclipse of the century.

3 -. The third Mayan prophecy refers to an unprecedented heat wave. World temperatures will produce climatic and geological changes which in turn affect the conditions of societies, creating powerful conflicts and struggles for survival.

4. – The fourth Mayan prophecy predicts the responsibility of human beings on the planet’s temperature rise. At the same time the sun will increase their activity levels above normal with massive eruptions. These events cause the melting of ice at the poles.

5. – The fifth prophecy says that all systems of social control based on fear will be transformed along with the planet to make way for a new era. The man will be faced with itself, its social structures will fail and the need to reorganize the society to continue to evolve.

6. – The sixth prophecy refers to the appearance of a comet whose trajectory will endanger the existence of any kind of life on the planet.

7. – Finally, the seventh Mayan prophecy tells of the time when the solar system will leave the night to enter the dawn of the galaxy. In this transit all humans have the opportunity to change and break its limitations, allowing them to know the inner peace.

Certainly, the study of any aspect of the Mesoamerican people and culture is very interesting, Alma’s LDS Tours recommends you to consult experts in the field on each topic to avoid confusion. Remember that we have professional LDS tours guides available to all archaeological sites in southeastern Mexico, in the Yucatan peninsula. Visit Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, In Alma’s LDS Tours will be happy to assist you and give you the best attention that you deserve!

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