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Tulum is by far one of most spectacular places to visit along with your travel to the Riviera Maya. It is located in the northeast area of Quintana Roo Mexico. It is very easy to get to this spectacular place. If you are staying in Cancun, all you need to do is travel south on the main highway known as the 307. It is a 1hr and a half drive.

Tulum was established in 400 a.d. and had occupancy of more than 1000 years until the arrival of the Spanish into Mexico. It was discovered in 1514 by Juan de Grijalba, one of the Great Conquistadores sent from Spain in search of treasure.  Later on, it was abandoned and further on rediscovered by John L. Stephens and Frederick Catherwood in 1837 approx.  The name Tulum or Tuloom, is a modern-day name which means “Wall” in the native tongue given to this site referring to the Stone Wall, although the original name was “Zama”, which means sunrise.

In this beautiful Mayan city you will find an amazing city established along the shore, on top of a Cliff. Clearly unique because of this wonderful scene comparing it to other sites around, deep in the subtropical-jungle of the Peninsula of Yucatan.

An amazing Stone Wall surrounds the entire city that measures up to 15 feet high and with a width of 18 feet. On every corner of this Wall you’ll find watch towers for supervising the entree to the city.

Although guards helped to secure the entrance, archaeologists agree that the Wall wasn’t fulfilling the purpose to protect it’s inhabitants due to fact of it’s many “official” entrances found on every side of the Wall, being 5 in total. Not to mention a natural opening to the Cliff where it is situated left easily unprotected in case of any invasion. New research reveals that the purpose for the Wall was to delimit the social clases. As of the 250 a.d., Mayan culture becomes an elitist society for this fact the residents of Tulum wanted to keep out the peseants of the town.

Within these walls there are wonderful rooms made of baked limestone coated with a fine layer of stucco and for a roof they used wooden beams made of Chicozapote and created a full roof structure attaching palms for a thatch roof.

In the center area of this city you will also find an additional Wall surrounding the larger structures which are considered Temples because of their ceremonial purpose. Exceptionally, what also makes this place unique is the Authentic appearance of an unusual figure which appears to be a upside down human being known as “The descending God”.  Latter research reveals that this figure is actually a humanoide versión of Kukulcan. With this wonderful finding, archaeologists are now convinced of what they consider the morphosis of Kukulcan and the transition between a feathered serpent and actual human being.


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