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Ek Balam

Still today, Ek Balam is known to be one of the most sacred Mayan sites discovered. Many wonderful carvings are found in this site revealing some of the most ancient and purest ceremonies that the Mayan practiced in the Preclassic period (800 b.c – 250 a.d.).

Ek Balam is a Mayan city that was built, according to carbon dating in 300 b.c. approx. and had a large occupation until the arrival of the Spanish in the late 1400s. It has a territorial extension of 15 squared kilometers. The area where excavations have started occupies only 1/10 of this territory and it’s considered the ceremonial section only used for ritual and worship purposes and further on became the residential area for the elite class.


Ek balam was discovered accidentally in the 1830’s by John Loyd Stevens and Frederick Catherwood,  but it wasn’t untill 1886 that the first excavations and research started in the site by Desire Charnay, archaeologist and fotographer from france.

Further research was discontinued untill 1980 by Silvia Garza and Edward Kurjack.

Small interest was shown and small portions of research revealed almost no progress.  Years later research was suspended on the site and was closed after a great huracane stroke theses lands known as “Gilberto”  in 1988.

In 1996, Mexican National Institute of Archaeology and History (INAH) took over and discovered that “Gilberto” had a great affect on the temple and structures and many changes had occured.

One of the greatest discoveries found on the main temple was the finding of a special chamber with very elaborate carvings and the apearance of “winged beings” such as “angels” or “cherubums”. According to the report, there was a very strong layer of crushed limestone covering this section which reveals it’s sacredness.

Thanks to these new findings the INAH has been able to understand the sacred purpose and the great importance it held to the ancient mayan tribe which dweled inside these walls.


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