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Ek Balam

Ek Balam is one of the most intriguing and astonishing archaeological sites in the Yucatan Peninsula. You can learn about the history of the Angel statues at Ek Balam and the legends of the White Bearded God that visited Chichén Itzáto Ek Balam. Remember that Alma’s LDS Tours can certainly help your book your trip to Ek Balam and combine it with Chichen Itza, two magical places that should be part of your bucket list. 


Translating to ‘Black Jaguar,’ Ek Balam has different myths about the name. A narration of 1579 by Juan Gutirrez Picon states that the site was named after a man named Coch Cal Balam, who ruled the area for 40 years; however, there has been no archeological evidence of the story. This magical Mayan site hidden in the trees, constructed with great precision and mastery, and surrounded by low-rising stone walls, has its history dating back to 3,000 BC. Ek Balam covered an area of nearly 12 square kilometers, including the central 1 square kilometer where the royals resided, and the site had five entrances accessible by sacbes.

Ek Balam shares characteristics common to the most important ancient Mayan cities, including monuments, architecture, walls, steles (beautiful sculptures carved from blocks of stone), a ball court, a network of roads as well as texts written in glyphs.

What will you see at Ek Balam?

Ek Balam has been a city of more than 12,000 inhabitants, 45 structures, two concentric stone walls, and one wall length joining the city’s central structure. The wall art of Ek Balam is also unique and mysterious. The roads built by Mayans were so advanced that they were not only beautiful but also joined the Mayan Kingdoms. El Torre, the tower at the site, is amongst the tallest Mayan structures, rising to 100 feet. And the 160-meter Acropolis is among the most important archeological discoveries in Ek Balam.  

Things you will do during your tour:

Alma’s LDS Tours will take you on an exceptional tour where you will explore the Acropolis, enjoy folkloric performances as you eat delicious Yucatan cuisine, and finalize your trip with a refreshing plunge at a breathtaking natural Cenote. 

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