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Having a hard time finding the best cenotes near the Cancun area? Today, Alma’s LDS Tours would like to share with you our top 5 choices to visit during your vacations.

Everyone wants to know where the best cenotes in the Riviera Maya are, but first, are you sure what a cenote is?

A cenote is one of the most popular attractions found in the Riviera Maya. These natural sinkholes of crystalline water are connected by a network of underground rivers. A cenote can take hundreds of years to form its particular rock formations. There are three common types of cenotes, open, semi-open and cavern, its classification depends mainly on their age.

The word “Cenote” is an original term of the Mayan word “TZ’ONOT” which means pit or abyss. Cenotes have been of great importance for the Mayan culture since ancient times when the Mayan people used to perform ceremonies and rituals to their Gods. Also, cenotes were considered portals or windows to the underworld or Xibalba, a mythical place where the dead would go afterlife.

And now what you’ve been waiting for! Here is the list of our top 5 cenotes in the Riviera Maya:

1- Cenote Azul (located in Riviera Maya) 

2- Cenote Xcan-Che (located next to the ruins of Ek Balam) 

3- Cenote Yalku (located in Akumal)

4- Cenote Dos Ojos (located in Playa del Carmen) 

5- Cenote Xkekén  (3 kilometers outside of Valladolid)

Remember, each cenote has its unique beauty and personality. We dare you to live a once-in-a-lifetime experience and have an unforgettable vacation in the great Riviera Maya while refreshing in the cool waters of a cenote.

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